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April 2001

Human Factors International

“(…) GUI design from the point of view of software ergonomics and human factors.” (Eric Schaffer and John Sorflaten)

Experience Design 1

“(…) a book about today’s intersection of disciplines, such as: interaction design, information design, visual design, and more related methodologies are just parts of the whole.” (Nathan Shedroff)

Topic Maps

“Topic Maps provide for the specification of a standard, interchangeable hypertext navigation layer above diverse electronic information sources” (InfoLoom, Inc.)

Debunking The Myths of UI Design

“An expert takes on a range of beliefs that are now common in the software development community” (Paul Smith – IBM Toronto Software Lab)

Structuring Information with Mental Models

“(…) to evaluate the efficiency of an information structure and to build user-centered information structures” (Ishantha Lokuge et al. – CHI 96)

Magic and Software Design

“Perhaps no field other than magic is tied so closely to the field of graphical interface design” (Bruce Tognazzinni – AskTog)