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May 2001

Universal Usability in Practice

“Principles and strategies for practitioners designing universally usable sites” (Irina Ceaparu & Dina Demner)

Interview with Vivian Bliss (Microsoft)

“(…) the best model I’ve encountered so far for getting the cowboys and Borg to work from the same page.” (Lou Rosenfeld – ACIA)

Introduction to CSS3 (W3C Working Draft)

“This document lists all the modules to be contained in the future CSS3 specification” (W3C)

David Gelernter’s New Desktop, A Dialog

“(…) a new interface in which every information asset in your life [is] treated like an email.” (Feed Mag)

Research-Based Web Design & Usability Guidelines

“Current Evidence-Based Guidelines on Web Design and Usability Issues” (National Cancer Institute)