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July 2001

Seth Gordon

“(…) Seth discusses the state of the industry and his take on information architecture metrics.” (ACIA)

Learning About and Keeping Up with Information Architecture

“(…) to learn about what information resources and events members of the field used to learn about and keep up with information architecture” (ACIA)

The Effects of Systematic Usability Testing on Web Site Development and Facilitation

“(…) to show measurable effects of usability studies” (Linda M. Davis – School of Information Science & Learning Technology – University of Missouri)

Use Case Maps

“(…) they can help you to describe and understand emergent behaviour of complex and dynamic systems” (Use Case Maps User Group – Carleton University)

The Computer ‘Revolution’ Hasn’t Happened Yet!

“Alan Kay is best known for the idea of personal computing (…)” (EDUCOM’98)

A Comprehension-Based Model of Web Navigation and Its Application to Web Usability Analysis

Peter Polson’s Presentation from the May 9, 2001 MOCHI Meeting