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October 2001

UX Design Process

“This is a very basic set of pages showing some of the deliverables and process involved in creating a fairly complex architecture (…)” (drewspace)

A Business Case for Usability

“(…) based on academic research, industrial research, case studies, consulting experience, and common knowledge found in the usability community.” (John RhodesWebword)

Notes on the Dimensions of Prototype Tests

“(…) paragraphs and illustrations describe the many dimensions to consider when designing usability tests or tests of conceptual prototypes.” (Marc Rettig)

An XML Framework for Coordinating Creative and Technical Design

“(…) the cultural clash between three groups often involved in Web projects: front-end developers, information architects and visual designers.” (Gordon Bennett – Intranet Journal)

Jakob Nielsen on how Apple blew it, how Linux will blow it, and the Next Big Thing

“The more we can remove the UI, the more smooth the UI can be.” (Andrew Orlowski – The Register)