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December 2001

A Framework for Organizing Web Usability Guidelines

“(…) a general framework of web usability guidelines helping people to structure the way they are working with such guidelines.” (Dominique Scapin et al. – 6th Conference on Human Factors & the Web 2000)

Distributed and Disappearing UIs in Ubiquitous Computing at CHI2001

Workshop Paper as in the CHI2002 Proceedings

Speech Interface Guidelines

“(…) an overview of speech interface design principles” (Alexander I. Rudnicky – School of Computer Science, CMU)

Product Language in Electronic Media Design

“Communication follows function: how products communicate to users and why designers should care.” (Steffen Klein – ACM Ubiquity 2.39)

Origin of the Phrase ‘Information Architecture’

“(…) ideas associated with the phrase “information architecture” and relates them to aspects of the library- and information-science (LIS) professions.” (R. E. Wyllys, GSLIS – Univ. of Texas Austin)