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January 2002

Innovation Architecture

“As we embrace the lessons of complex adaptive systems, we must explore the territory of post-modern innovation architecture, using bottom-up methods to incubate online ecologies and economies that exhibit the capacity to learn and evolve over time.”
(Peter MorvilleSemantic Studios) – courtesy of lawrence lee

Question-Answering and Search Engines

“Search engines are not very good at finding specific answers, they are good at matching words (…)” (SearchTools)

Dave Schroeder of Pilotvibe Talks About Sound Design for Interactive Multimedia

“What’s happening with sound design (for interactive) these days?” (Dave Schroeder – Design Interact) – courtesy of iaslash

Netscape Navigator vs. Microsoft Internet Explorer

“(….) users felt that Netscape was an overall better web browser than IE in all the areas surveyed.” (Carolyn Gargaro) – courtesy pf webword

Web Design Basics

“Web design is primarily concerned with the organization and presentation of text-based content. This requires metadata, classification, navigation, search, layout and graphic design skills.” (Gerry McGovern)

User-Centered Design and Web Development

“UCD seeks to answer questions about users and their tasks and goals, then use the findings to drive development and design.” (Raissa Katz-Haas – STC Usability Interface) – courtesy of elegant hack