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February 2002

Online Resources

“Links to resources of varying quality. Use with care.” (A Pearcey Centre for Computing Short Course)

Multimodal Interaction Activity

“(…) W3C is developing standards for a new class of mobile devices that support multiple modes of interaction.” (W3C)

Acclaimed Usability Expert Talks

“After a decade writing computer manuals, in 1989 Steve Krug moved up the food chain to usability testing and interface design so he could fix the problems instead of explaining them.” (Jude MurraywebBusters)

Location-Awareness for Improving the Usability of Mobile Enterprise Applications

“Our current implementation uses Semantic Locations from the shop’s infrastructure, but we plan to consider also Physical Location in the future.” (Axel Spriestersbach – SAP Design Guild)

Empathic Instructional Design

“(…) cues from Interaction Design, Usability Engineering and Product Design on a process known as empathic design, a user-centered approach to design that can lead to innovative e-learning.” (Maish Nichani – eLearningPost)

The New Architecture of Information

“The first generation of Websites has been built with a radical misunderstanding and misrepresentation of users’ expectations and practices.” (Stefana Broadbent & Francesco Cara – text-e)

Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization

An illustrated chronology of innovations (Michael Friendly & Daniel J. Denis) – courtesy of cliff atkinson

Requirements for Developing Successful Navigations and User Experiences

“Navigation should mirror, or enhance, the customer interaction that exists offline.” (Mary Brodie – Design Interacts) courtesy of iaslash