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April 2002

What is an Intelligent Interface?

“An ‘intelligent system’ does not necessarily have an intelligent interface, and neither is a well-designed interface necessarily intelligent.” (Annika Wern 1997)

Research, Deliverables, Process and the Team

“I was playing around with this fairly stream-of-consciousness kind of diagram to get a clearer picture of how the different types of research and deliverables you do as an IA feed into the process and the team.” (Poor But Happy)

An Interview With Adam Greenfield

“IA is something that should be done by talking to people (primarily users, clients, and developers), asking the right questions, and listening carefully to the answers.” (Meryl K. Evans – Digital Web)

Shaping Web Usability: Interaction Design in Context

“Author Al Badre has for years contributed to the ideas and methods needed to make any computer application fully usable.” (Addison-Wesley)

Participation and Design

Inquiring into the politics, contexts and practices of collaborative design work. (Malmö University, Sweden – 23-25 June 2002)

Typographical Signage Project

“The Chicago urban environment is layered with graphic signage that crosses boundaries of time and culture.” (Department of Visual Communications – Loyola University Chigago)

The Cranky User: Drowning in Aqua

“Apple’s new user interface, Aqua, reads like a checklist of things that the classic Macintosh interface got right, and everyone else got wrong. Aqua gets most of them wrong.” (Peter Seebach – IBM developersWorks)