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June 2002

While Nathan Slept, What Rich, Powerful Technologists Know About Their Customers

“(…) the first paradox of software development: users are not software designers, nor are software engineers users.” (Charles L. Mauro – TaskZ)

Bill Moggridge of IDEO presents User-Centred Design at One Remove

“(…) Moggridge gave a presentation to explore where interactive design had come from and where he hoped it was going.” (Usability News)

Improving Usability Guideline Compliance

“Not only does the U.S. have a stronger and longer usability tradition, but most usability guidelines are published in English.” (Jakob Nielsen – Alertbox)

Why Is Software So Bad?

“For years we’ve tolerated buggy, bloated, badly organized computer programs. But soon, we’ll innovate, litigate and regulate them into reliability.” (Charles C. Mann – MIT Technology Review)

Drag-and-Drop versus Point-and-Click: Mouse Interaction for Children

“Today’s children will be the adult computer users of tomorrow and their interactions with computers today will shape their future relationship with technology.” (Kori Inkpen et al. – The University of British Columbia)

Foreseeing The Future: The Legacy of Vannevar Bush

“This article presaged the idea of the Internet and the World Wide Web and was directly influential on the fathers of the hypertext and the Internet as we know it today.” (Erin MaloneBoxes and Arrows)

Generating Simple URLs for Search Engines

“Dynamic URLs, with question marks and other punctuation, tend to put off search engine indexing robots, as well as humans looking at URLs.” (Avi Rappoport – Search Tools)

The 6th Annual Make IT Easy 2002 Conference

“User Engineering applies the principles of human-computer interaction and related disciplines within a framework of processes and methods inspired by software engineering.” (IBM Ease of Use)

Measuring the Value of Usability Engineering

“(…) why usability engineers don’t measure the value of usability efforts, rebuttals to each argument, and suggestions for how to remedy them.” (Carol Righi Ph.D.TaskZ)

Usability Testing: You Get What You Pay For

“About half that time is spent planning the test, a quarter running it, and a quarter analyzing and interpreting results and generating recommendations.” (Deborah J. MayhewTaskZ)

Don Norman, Usability Expert

“His goal is to humanize technology, to make it disappear from sight, replaced by a human-centered, activity-based family of information appliances that are easy to learn, easy to use.” (Steven Heller – Typotheque)