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July 2002

What an IA Should Know About Prototypes for User Testing

“There are several important factors to consider when you are planning to do prototyping for user testing. You will want to make careful choices about fidelity, level of interactivity and the medium of your prototype.” (Chris FarnumBoxes and Arrows)

Why Free Software Usability Tends To Suck

“(…) the vast majority of open-source projects are also volunteer projects; and it seems that the use of volunteers to drive development inevitably leads the interface design to suck.” (Matthew Thomas)

Website Structural Navigation

“The structural navigation bar is becoming a ubiquitous element on many websites. (…) This experiment tests whether this type of navigational reference is truly valuable.” (N. Lazar and M. EisenbreySHORE 2000)

Is Branding Compatible with Web Usability?

“Visual branding is typically based on the use of large graphics, text that is set as graphics, and special effects such as frames, image maps, custom navigation icons, and animated text and graphics.” (Roger C. Parker – GraphicsIQ)

Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy

“(…) copy can address some of the most pressing challenges facing your business online.” (Nick Usborne)

Web Style Guide – 2nd Edition

“From its inception in 1994, the principal aim of Web Style Guide has been to provide a thorough and accessible guide to Web design for developers around the world” (Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton)

The Elements of User Experience

“The aim of the book is to give readers the big picture of Web user experience development, focusing on ideas rather than tools or techniques.” (Jesse James Garrett – coming in September 2002)