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September 2002

Information Interaction

“We cognitive agents, humans and computers, currently interact with and process information in order to adapt meaningfully to the world, both directly and through our representations of the world, the latter built up in the coherent pictures we call common sense and science.” (P. DuchastelInformation Design Atelier)

Getting from Research to Personas: Harnessing the Power of Data

“The usefulness of personas in defining and designing interactive products has become more widely accepted in the last few years, but lack of published information has, unfortunately, left room for a lot of misconceptions about how personas are created, and about what information actually comprises a persona.” (Kim Goodwin – User Interface 7 East)

Understanding Users through Brand Research: An Interview with Mitch McCasland

“User Interface Engineering’s Christine Perfetti recently sat down with Mitch to talk about how account planning techniques can benefit designers.” (C. Perfetti – User Interface Engineering)

Knowledge Management in Instructional Design

“This article will review what instructional designers do, describe knowledge management, and indicate how knowledge management is influencing instructional design.” (J. Michael Spector and Gerald S. Edmonds – ERIC)

Date Entry Usability on Hotel Websites

“This report reviews the designs used today for entering dates into hotel booking websites. It proposes a tested, easy-to-use, date-entry layout style and format that can be implemented on any hotel booking website.” (Travel UCD)