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November 2002

Users Begin to Demand Software Usability Tests

“The Boeing Co. is changing the way it buys software and is making a product’s usability (…) a fundamental purchasing criterion.” (Patrick Thidodeau – Computerworld)

Three Lessons from Tufte: Special Deliverable#6

“Because his books focus primarily on producing graphics for paper and on the representation of information, not the structuring of information, many information architects wonder about the value of Tufte’s writing for their work.” (Dan BrownBoxes and Arrows)

Mark Hurt interviews Maryam Mohit

“Maryam Mohit started working at in 1996 and soon after became’s V.P. of Site Development, with responsibility for the online customer experience.” (Good Experience)

History of the Graphical User Interface

“The graphical user interface, or GUI, of Microsoft Windows is based on that of the MacOS (and the earlier unsuccessful Apple Lisa), which in turn used many elements of the work of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, who produced the advanced but commercially unsuccessful Xerox Alto and Xerox Star.” (Wikipedia)

Flash and Web-Based Applications

“The Internet is changing. Although people have primarily used it to read email and Web pages, more functionality-oriented applications are now emerging, with the goal of providing new features that do more for users.” (Jakob NielsenAlertbox)

Knowledge Isn’t Power (…) Unless It’s Shared

“High performers consistently speak of knowledge when talking about their work, whereas lower performers speak of information.” (Rachel Fielding – VNUnet)

Nathan Shedroff: The V-2 Interview 1/2

“One can’t work for too terribly long in the broader user-experience community (…) without hearing the words Experience Design.” (Adam GreenfieldV-2)

The Use of Visual Information in Art

“Some of the factors that I hope to illustrate are aspects of depth perception, color perception, and form perception.” (John H. Krantz)