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Roadmap to success: CX opportunities in Big Data

Evidence-based design for the experiences of the customer. But how to get answers from a tsunami of data.

“Although big data has been a huge focus of industry discussion for quite some time, most large corporations have not yet embedded a framework into their operations that would let them harness its real potential.”

(Shefik Bey ~ UXmatters)

How Big Data is revolutionizing Design

Data can provide evidence for design decisions.

“Today, the agenda of business is being defined by these two forces: massively available information and new models of individual engagement. In fact, experience design is rapidly becoming a de facto element in contemporary business strategy.”

(Paul Papas a.k.a. @papasgbs ~ Wired)

All dashboards should be feeds

What you also can do with Big Data and Feeds. Creating meaning out of information.

“So, a big but sincere request to everybody who’s making analytics or stats apps, either standalone or as part of a larger app: Please throw away the dashboard. I know they demo well and look great in investor pitch decks or screencast videos. But they don’t actually help me make decisions, or get better at what I’m doing. And that’s the only reason I’m measuring something in the first place.”

(Anil Dash a.k.a. @anildash)

Interaction with Big Data Analytics

Big data needs big design for big experiences.

“Here we have described big data analytics as an emerging type of knowledge work, with plenty of opportunities for study and productivity improvements. However, even for those who are not interested in this form of knowledge work, big data analytics cannot be ignored: It’s an important new avenue to learn about how people interact with computing.”

(Danyel Fisher, Rob DeLine, Mary Czerwinski, Steven Drucker ~ ACM Interactions)