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Icon classification: Resemblance, reference, and arbitrary icons

It’s all about understanding by design.

“The tighter the mapping between icons and the thing they represent, the easier they are to understand, but standardization can also make an icon easy.”

(Jakob Nielsen a.k.a. @NNgroup)

The woman behind Apple’s first icons

Honoring our historical roots is what makes us more mature as a relevant domain in world history. Even though is still three decades old, sort of.

“Thirty years ago, as tech titans battled for real estate in the personal computer market, an inconspicuous young artist gave the Macintosh a smile. Susan Kare was the type of kid who always loved art. As a child, she lost herself in drawings, paintings, and crafts; as a young woman, she dove into art history and had grandeur dreams of being a world-renowned fine artist.”

(Zachary Crockett a.k.a. @zzcrockett ~ Priceonomics)