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Responsive design intranets with smart content prioritization

Intranets are (just) websites behind the firewall. Therefore, they are apt for responsive, mobile and COPE as well.

“See how two winning intranets (…) use responsive design, prioritize their content aptly, and employ elegant navigation to accommodate and optimize for multiple devices.”

(Kara Pernice ~ Nielsen Norman Group)

Intranet information architecture trends

Any information environment needs structure, therefore IA. Intranets not exclused.

“Intranets are improving findability and discoverability by organizing content by task rather than department, using megamenus to present deep content, offering clear cues to help orient users, and providing shortcuts to important pages and tools.”

(Marieke McCloskey ~ Nielsen Norman Group)

Intranet social features

Intranet is getting social, sort of.

“Employee collaboration and open communication are now business drivers in many companies, but social enterprise features are often poorly integrated with the rest of the intranet.”

(Jakob Nielsen ~ NN/g)

Intranet Users Stuck at Low Productivity

A voice from the distant past: the intranet.

“Although intranet design is improving, it hasn’t kept pace with increased complexity in enterprise requirements, so measured usability is down slightly.”

(Jakob Nielsen ~ Alertbox)

Intranet Portals: Personalization Hot, Mobile Weak, Governance Essential

The term ‘portal’ sounds a little old-fashioned; just like ‘intranet’.

“Nineteen new case studies of enterprise portals find slow growth in new features; the focus is on robust integration and formalizing governance.”

(Jakob Nielsen ~ Alertbox)