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Journey Maps: Not the end of the story

Have we found another silver bullet for UCD? And remember, the map is not the terrain.

“Journey maps have been around for the better part of a decade – some would argue longer – but it’s really only in the last three or four years that they’ve come into more common use, and more strategists are advocating their use as a framework for improving the customer experience. Without getting into the specifics of what a journey map is or isn’t in this column – there’s no shortage of material on the subject – suffice it to say that many in our field, including me, strongly believe in the potential of journey mapping for helping companies to achieve human-centric business transformations.”

(Ronnie Battista ~ UXmatters)

The customer experience is a journey

If CX is a journey, what’s the destination?

“The first step towards ensuring that customers are offered a delightful experience is to understand their purchase journey, from start to finish. Organisations must conduct a full evaluation to identify and understand the customer journeys by harnessing the power of data-driven analytics.”

(IT Online)

Considering the consideration funnel

See, business is getting hold on design.

“The transaction funnel. The moment you hope a customer is sure enough of what they’re buying that they’ll go through all the necessary steps to complete the purchase. We work to reduce friction, hoping to improve the rate at which people starting down the funnel complete it. We’ve come a long way in understanding the science of the funnel and the factors that affect someone’s likelihood for completing the transaction.”

(Chris Risdon a.k.a. @chrisrisdon ~ Adaptive Path)

The expert guide to experience mapping

Visualizing complex processes supports shared understanding. But ambiguity increases with the visuals.

“Journey mapping brings understanding of what customers are feeling, thinking and doing at any given point in time when interacting with a service, and recognition of how that may change over time.”

(Chris Risdon a.k.a. @ChrisRisdon ~ Creative Blog)

Service Design: Beyond Customer Journey Mapping

Everything you can design, you can model and depict.

“Often, Service Design approaches can ask too much of an organization too soon. The difficulty is how to implement the opportunities uncovered from customer journey mapping. We recognize that companies work in silos and don’t change quickly. We’ve come up with ways to guide organizations through prioritized decision-making that will result in a meaningful change to the customer experience. This webinar will focus on sharing consulting experiences and thoughts on how organizations can adopt Service Design in a manner that focuses effort and drives measurable business outcomes which work within existing organizational structures.”

(User Centric)

Illustrating the Big Picture: Journeys, Experiences and Interactions

The journey is the reward for experience designers.

“Journey models are emerging as a welcome and valuable refresh of some old and new tools in our UX arsenal. They are not just another deliverable for your checklist; they’re a valuable method for digging deep into problems of long-term engagement, cultivating empathy, and establishing a problem space in which to generate and test ideas. Their output can serve as a backbone for strategic recommendations and more tactical initiatives. Form and function can vary widely depending on the project and stakeholder needs, but at their core, journey models are stories that focus on the meaningful relationships between individuals and organizations, and highlight opportunities to build a better future.”

(Megan Grocki a.k.a. @megangrocki and Jamie Thomson a.k.a. @uxjam ~ UX Magazine)