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Talking Out Loud Is Not the Same as Thinking Aloud

Old wisdom: What people say is (often) not what they think.

“(…) get your participants to think aloud, but encourage comments that illuminate the problem space – because that’s what usability testing is all about.”

(Mike Hughes ~ UXmatters)

Integrating UX into Agile Development

“Requirements definition is an integral part of an agile development process, and writing user stories is a fast, effective way of capturing requirements and estimating level of effort. UX professionals on agile teams sometimes add value by taking responsibility for writing user stories.” (Janet Six ~ UXmatters)

Content Centred Design: A methodology (Part 2)

“I recognize that all web projects are unique is some way and any approach has to be tailored, so in this post I’m going to provide a fairly high level methodology, a methodology however that gives users and content the same emphasis. It has now become the norm that the needs and wants of users are considered at every stage of a project. I want content to have the same recognition.” (Patrick Walsh ~ manIA)

Developing Your Interviewing Skills, Part I: Preparing for an interview

“Bad interviews can result in missing data, incomplete detail, misleading results, partial insights, and lost opportunities. Your reports, presentations, and recommendations document what you’ve learned from your research and the decisions you’ve made based on it, so you need to ensure your research is the best it can be—that you get good interviews.” (Mia Northrop ~ UXmatters)