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Legibility, readability, and comprehension: Making users read your words

Not only for aesthetics, but also for functions like Reading and Understanding.

“Users won’t read web content unless the text is clear, the words and sentences are simple, and the information is easy to understand. You can test all of this.”

Jakob Nielsen a.k.a. /jakobnielsenphd | @NNgroup ~ Nielsen Norman Group

People don’t read, they scan

Scanning also involves reading, but at a general level. Unless, the texts are relevant, interesting or remarkable.

“The emergence of highly content-based websites now means one thing: how to fit the content within a very well-functioned website while not sacrificing the aesthetics? In addition to that, the development of web nowadays mean viewers will be able to view these content across multiple sizes of screens. Such are the challenges of designing in these interesting times.”

(Zana Fauzi and Dahlia Ahad ~ Stampede)

How typography affects readers

Typography is the essential ingredient to design for the reading experience, abstracting knowledge from texts, titles and labels.

“Often times we find ourselves spending hours crafting articles, making sure that each word we select is the perfect one to project the story we are trying to paint. But there is another factor, often overlooked, that is just as important as writing great content: Typography. Let’s delve a little into the world of typography and see how it affects readers. If you are someone who despite getting traffic and producing quality content, just can’t seem to get your readers to stay, you will want to read this till the end.”

(Ankit Oberoi a.k.a. @oberoiankit ~ adpushup)