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The experience makes the product, not the features

Some interesting advice. Especially for tech and info startups.

“If anything detracts from the product’s core experience, stop making changes and release your product. You’ll get more insight by doing less and seeing how people engage with the product as it is, what behavior they exhibit, and reviewing this against your assumptions. This insight will always pay the greatest dividends as you strive for product market fit.”

(Lee Dale a.k.a. @smack416 ~ UX Magazine)

Poor UX could kill your start-up

In general, poor UX kills all human-facing digital applications.

“Because of the word design, UX often gets conflated with styling. But they’re not the same. UX is a problem solving discipline. Identifying problems, solving them and designing elegant solutions. Styling is often part of the solution, but doesn’t have to be.”

(Elaine Thompson ~ Huffington Post)

User experience in startups: Challenges and realities

Besides business, startups are the new hunting grounds for UX design.

“To understand how User Experience fits into a startup, it is critical that you understand the startup maturation cycle. While each startup has its own story, they all typically progress through the same stages. It is essential that you understand the personnel dynamics, the startup’s need for UX design, and its immediate business objectives and constraints at each stage.”

(Sasha Giacoppo a.k.a. @asgiacoppo ~ UXmatters)

UX design for startups: The age of user experience design

Startups being the fertile ground for UX design. That’s ‘users’ as in ‘customers’.

“Like many of my contemporary UX Design peers, I started my career as a so-called usability specialist. Fascinated by ergonomics and cognitive science, I was working to make sure users were able to actually use interfaces. Armed with user research, heuristics and a little bit of prototyping, I was trying to find my place in the ‘developer-oriented’ world. This wasn’t easy.”

(Marcin Treder a.k.a. @uxpin ~ NET Magazine)