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The ubiquitous button

‘Click Me’ and magic will occur is mostly disappointing.

“Why are buttons so common in contemporary artifacts and yet so often a source of irritation and trouble? Could we, by reinstating the natural mode of operation with traditional mechanical systems, dispel our confusions and remedy our confirmation deficiencies? Probably not.”

(Lars-Erik Janlert ~ Communications of the ACM, June 2014)

Transitional interfaces

Animation conveys meaning.

“Folks keep throwing around the word ‘delight’ when referring to animation and cute interactions. Cool and great for those guys. Guess what though? Animation can be used functionally too. It’s not just an embellished detail. Animation leverages an overlooked dimension – time! An invisible fabric which stitches space together. You don’t have to be a math dork to understand this. Let’s take a look at some simple ideas.”

(Pasquale D’Silva ~ Medium Design/UX)